Tuesday, October 23, 2012

yogi_Compute Total Number Of Products Sold By Article From Sheets Of Adam And Eve

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very basic calculation from cells between different sheets 
Dear all,

I'm new on Docs/spreadsheets, so be patient.

We have an on-line spreadsheet for sales of several products (well described with their Code Article, Description, Quantity) and duplicated in two identical sheets, let say one for Adam and the latter for Eve.
Each guy can fill its sheet according with its own sales, so that Article 1002 can be 10 for Adam and 0 for Eve,  Article 2932 5 for Adam and 7 for Eve, and so on.
Once a month the boss want to have the report of sold articles AS SUM, does not matter who sold what.
And he wants to get a report CONTAINING ONLY sold products, regardless to the other thousands unsold. 

Very simple, in principle.
In practice I do not understand how to do that.

Any idea?

following is a solution to the problem