Saturday, June 4, 2011

yogi_Recreate Form Entries In Rows For All Submittals

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.                                   Google Spreadsheet           

manchi said:
How to add the inputs one below the other- New entries should be added after the last line..
Say for example, I am creating a form for Job Requirement.. It has multiple fields(like reporting manger, Job Duties, responsibilities etc).. Is there a way when somebody fills form, it gets added like a word document format(One below the other, Not adding in columns!)..I am not sure I am explaining correctly, But I can explain more if needed.

More info: If I have n fields, all the fields should get entered in n rows and the new entry should start from n+1 row and so on.

Manchi commented ...
Thanks Yogi, This worked.. This is exactly how I wanted and one more small request.. How to have it start from n+2 row(this way I will have a empty row between the entries).

I have added some more formulas in yogi_Sheet1, and yogi_Sheet1a; I have modified the formula in yogi_Sheet2b, and I have added yogi_Sheet2c.

Manchi commented ...
How to highlight the entire row of Timestamps (I want to highlight all the rows which have timestamp). I was able to just highlight the cell containing Timestamp not the entire row.
Google spreadsheet does not have a built-in feature to highlight an entire row. However, my workaround presented in Sheet2d might be of some interest to you.