Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yogi_Reinstate Deleted Form In Google Spreadsheet

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keithx8 said:
It appears that the "Form" function in Google Docs creates a spreadsheet.  It appears that the process cannot operate in the reverse - in other words, if I create a spreadsheet, I don't see how it can be converted to a form.
Since I accidentally deleted my form, I am left with the spreadsheet, which doesn't help me - I need the form for others to enter data.
Operating System:  MS Windows 7 Home Premium; Browser:  Chrome
In the following I have used a simple 6 step process to reinstate the deleted Form associated with the original ResponseTable

here is the Form that is associated with the ResponseTable of the spreadsheet

and the following is the Response summary with last two submittals having been made via Form in the Blog