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yogi_Extracting a sum amount from dates with unequal #s of cells

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Extracting a sum amount from dates with unequal #'s of cells
I manually assign a date to my spreadsheet for everytime I use it. 
As you can see in this photo, I put in the "Date" on the A column, and the space between days varies a lot. I have a conditional formatting on A.
I am trying to get the sum of "G" (Total Profit) per day. I'm guessing I'll need to use an IF function, but I have no clue how to tell it to only select the G values within that day.

Thanks for the help! :)


I've taken Yogi's advice and made a mock spreadsheet with a few clarifications. Here's the sheet:

a) What I'm trying to accomplish: Automatic sum of values in the G column of "Sheet A" according to the day they correspond to. I've highlighted the values in G with different colours to show which values I am hoping to sum up as one day.
b) In which cell/sheet? The sum needs to be in "Sheet B" at C1, C2, and C3 according to the three days they are labelled with.
c) Show us your expected result. In "Sheet B", there are values labelled with "Expected results for C1/C2/C3:" to show what the sum should be. I got those values from adding up the values in the G column according to their days.

Note: I know I can do =sum('Sheet A'!G1:G5') to get a sum of those values in a different sheet. What I'm looking for is an automated function that'll update for each day, I was guessing I'd need somekind of IF function. 

Thanks a ton!

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