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yogi_Rearrange (CrossTab) The Data In Another Sheet Per User Specification

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Help! Formula confused

Hi everyone,

Having trouble trying to find the right formula for this problem. This data I'm trying to organize is set up in a very specific way. The user fills in a question, adds two tags, and it shows up in a file like this:

QuestionMilk ChocolateDark ChocolateWhite ChocolateSea SaltAlmondsCaramel
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
However this makes it extremely manual to have to figure out which tags are assigned to each question. What formula do I use to go about getting this output? 

QuestionTag 1Tag 2
Question 1Dark ChocolateAlmonds
Question 2White ChocolateAlmonds
Question 3Dark ChocolateSea Salt
Question 4Milk ChocolateSea Salt
Question 5Milk ChocolateCaramel 
Thank you for your help!

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