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yogi_Find Teachers Available To Substitute On Specified Day And Specified Class Period

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formula to match absent teacher with teacher to fill teaching duties?
If a teacher is absent for 1 or more periods during a day, his/her teaching duties are covered by other teachers who have on-call periods in which they, if selected, must substitute on the day and in the period of the absent teacher.

On my 'fake' 'Timetables' tab of my spreadsheet I have the timetables of several teachers; and on the OnCall tab, teachers' names along with which period and day that they may be called to substitute for an absent teacher. 

Is there a formula that will take the day and period of an absent teacher and return the matching day and period of a duty with an on call period?

For example:

Absent: FridayPeriod 3Science 6-3Costanza Bardsley

Available to substitute: 
Brian  PughFriday

Period 3

Thank you very much. 
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