Monday, February 29, 2016

yogi_Create Computed Columns For Splitting Row By Row Multiple CheckBox Responses in A Single Cell Into Individual Columns

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Split multiple responses into single column
Hi all

So I set up a Google Form and a few of the questions are multiple response, 
i.e. Q. Which of the following do you use, Answer = Product A, Product B, Product C..etc.
Now when forms exports the data to google sheets its lists the responses in one column
I.E Person A uses Product A, Product B, Product C
Person B uses  Product B, Product C
Person C uses Product A, Product C

Now I want to link which products are used to a different google sheet (completely new not a new page)
What function can i use so that it will find say just Product A and put it next to the persons name 

Name Email address        Product A     Product B     Product C
Ros    Yes              Yes             No

I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance