Wednesday, December 9, 2015

yogi_Query Data From Number Of Location Sheets For Summing By Specified Attributes And Location

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Dec-09-2015
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Importing data from Multiple Sheets and creating an report.
Hi, I am helping a non-profit which helps homeless people with get job training. They have a project which lets them earn money working for them while they are working towards their goals. What they need is a workbook with multiple sheets which represent locations. We would like to collect info from each sheet and create a report. I would also like to sort by a Date Range and by location. I am new to Google Sheets and having a problem figuring it out.

We have 8 (locations)Tabs, each have same 3 columns name Date, Cig Butts, and Trash Bags. This workbook will have a year worth of data. I would like a report that can sort by week, month, and a year. Where we can combined the data from each location show each location total.

I thought the location could go down one column and the items label across. 

I figure out how to do it in excel using a Pivot Tables but its not as easy in Google Sheets. I been watching a lot of videos but feel stuck.Thanks for your help.