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yogi_Split Concacted Rows Of Data Into Columns By Name Date And Bet

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Nov-01-2015
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Keeping original format in a split function (and a related arrayformula question)
In this spreadsheet:

I split data like this:

Rory McIlroy — 9/2 — BEST BET
Justin Rose — 8/1 — BEST BET
Brooks Koepka — 15/1 — BEST BET
Hideki Matsuyama — 15/1 — BEST BET
Justin Thomas — 30/1 — BEST BET
Tony Finau — 30/1 — BEST BET
Robert Streb — 30/1
Daniel Berger — 40/1 — BEST BET
Emiliano Grillo — 40/1 — BEST BET
Kevin Na — 40/1 — BEST BET

to get data like this:

Rory McIlroy42249BEST BET
Justin Rose42217BEST BET
Brooks Koepka15/1BEST BET
Hideki Matsuyama15/1BEST BET
Justin Thomas30/1BEST BET
Tony Finau30/1BEST BET
Robert Streb30/1
Daniel Berger40/1BEST BET
Emiliano Grillo40/1BEST BET
Kevin Na40/1BEST BET

Unfortunately, having the 9/2 and 8/1 display as numbers or dates doesn't work for me.   Is there a way to get the cells in red to display 9/2 and 8/1?

Why does this formula in cell b2:  =iferror(split(A2,"—"))

Produce the same results as this formula in cell H2: =iferror(arrayformula(split(A2:A,"—")))

In other words, why doesn't the arrayformula work for all cells H2:H and what can I do to make it work?