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yogi_Pull Data From Table In Columns A To E Where Entries In Column D Have A Matching Entry In Column G

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How to copy data from a range where one column has to match entries from another column?
Here is an example spreadsheet that I have made to illustrate my point:

I have five columns of data. I would like use a query function (or whatever works best) to select the data where column E (water) = yes  AND where column D (fruit) = one of the entries in column G

For example, I want to create a list of those people who have "yes" in the water column and if their fruit matches one of the fruit entered in column G. I know that in my example spreadsheet I could just use several "or d=fruit" clauses. However, in my actual spreadsheet, there are a couple hundred universities in the data range, and I need to select individuals from a list of about twenty universities. I would prefer to not have twenty clauses in the formula!

So the output in the test spreadsheet that I am looking for would look like that which is displayed in F25:H31

Thank you for your help!
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