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yogi_For Values In Each Row LookUp Value In Column 2 Of LOOKUP TABLE And Concatenate Resulting Values Separated By A Comma

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question  by Naveen Nagaraja:!category-topic/docs/spreadsheets/ZVw2xo9TbaE
Google Sheet search multiple values

I have a google sheet question

I have search data as follows

X|  Y
1 | abc
2 | def
3 | xyz

I have a row of data as follows
A| B | C
1 | 2 | 3

Now I need to search data in columns A , B and C with search data table above ( column X and Y) and then have a cell filled with value


How can I do this in Google sheet

Hi Hyde,

Thanks for the information. I was looking for the first solution and it works good.
Is there a way to add a NULL check to vlookup formula ( suppose there is column D is a empty cell and I want to include it ) ?
Thanks again!!

1abc123abc, def, xyz,

Notice Column D is Empty but still we try to compare and then in Column G we have a , due to this .

I tried ISBLANK function but could not make it work