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yogi_Assign Weekly_Timestamp Instead Of Usual Timestamp To Full_Name And Number_Attended From 'Form Responses 1'

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              Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI    Apr-05, 2015
question by Gavin Lau:!mydiscussions/docs/DZzydLJLfgQ
Is it possible to create a weekly time stamp rather than the normal mm-dd-yy time stamp?
Hey guy i have this application that i am currently working on which works as an attendance system. You can follow this link for more background information:!mydiscussions/docs/v1VGpiw_Frs (Thank you Scott for the huge amounts of help). 

Basically because this is a project i am working on, my supervisor is always giving me requirement changes So one of the features that i would like to implement now is to having a weekly stamp rather than the normal time stamp to show what week the attendance record is at, since i am going to be implementing an auto clear so that every week the sheet gets cleared automatically.

you can get more background information from the link provided above.

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Hi there Yogi, really sorry if my question was unclear. Just so you can get the bigger picture ive pasted my background which i had posted on another post last week:

my application that im building gathers connected device's IP address and MAC address as a unique way of representing a student. once the student devices connect to the hot spot the lecture with this application can then save this data into google sheets which will be updated live everytime he clicks the "Save Register" button.

Basically the first form (response form 1) will get updated everytime i press a button on my android application to save the register. The second form acts sort of like a one off register that a student will fill in when the form is sent to them to basically build a database of all the student numbers and mac addresses of their devices. I used this method as i could not implement any other way of getting student numbers with their mac address since im not that proficient with android programming. The 3rd form "Attendance Record" is what another member has helped me out on to create which counts up how many times a student has attended class.


here is a copy of my spreadsheet,

a + b) i want to know how i can add a weekly time stamp for the "Attendance Report" sheet. So in cell A1 i would like something which displays the date or week as shown below in c)

And from then im hoping to create an app script i believe its known as an event trigger or time trigger, please correct me if i am wrong. So that the spread sheet clears automatically each week so a new attendance record can be made. I know this may sound far fetched because im completely new to google sheets and how i manage to integrate it with android even i dont know how.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post it is really appreciated. If you could suggest any better solution on how i can achieve a the expected result im all ears.

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