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yogi_Flag Entries In 'X-Sheet' With X Based On Status Of Items In Sheet Named 'Calls In'

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Dec-15-2014
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Auto populating from a drop down menu

I'm not sure if this request is actually possible, but it would be awesome if someone could help me out.

I've attached the file I'm trying to work with as a reference and so no one is confused.  The way this works now, is we put in a store number into the "Calls In" tab, and then go to the "X-Sheet" tab, put in the same store number, and put an "x" in the corresponding column to what the store called about (the top of the "X-Sheet" is labelled with all issues that a store can call about).

I've just added a drop down menu at the end of the row in the "Calls In" tab, so after we enter the store and the issue, we can choose an issue from the drop down menu (call correspond to the issues at the top of the "X-Sheet").  Basically, what I'm asking, is if it's possible to have the drop down menu linked to the "X-Sheet" tab, so that when an issue is chosen from the drop down menu, an "x" appears in the same column on the "X-Sheet."

For example, 168 is the first store on the list in "Calls In."  If I go to the end of the row and choose "late" from the drop down menu, I would ideally like an "x" to automatically show up in the "X-Sheet" tab.  

I really really hope this hasn't confused anybody!  And would love some help, even if it's just bad news that this is impossible!

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