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yogi_Compute Sum Of Amounts Based On Multiple Criteria In Multiple Columns

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Dec-22, 2013
question by Slava Ross (!mydiscussions/docs/1rAYfMroWE8)
Multiple Criteria in Multiple Columns Formula Please Help.
Hi would love some help on the sheet that I'm doing

basically I want Column H Added in a random cell that meets D(Groceries, Gifts) and Column G(Free Flow). But if Column D and G have criteria met at the same time it still only adds once.

Any help appreciated been on int for over 4h. Can't figure it out.
What mreighties was saying is correct.
4:45 PM (6 hours ago)

If I understand correctly, Slava wants to just add the total "Gifts/Free Flow", but not to include the total "Groceries/Free Flow".

D                     G                      H

Gifts            Free Flow               $100
Groceries        Free Flow               $100
Gifts            Active Funds            $100
Groceries        Active Funds            $100
Gifts            Passive Funds           $100
6 Gas              Active Funds            $100
7 Gas              Free Flow               $100

The formula would add amounts in H together. So in my example it would total to $600. 
It will not calculate row 1,2 twice because it has Gifts and Free flow or Groceries and Free flow in one row.
thank you guys for your time and helping me