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yogi_Compute Total Amount By Month From A Table Containing Dates And Amounts

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How to use array formula for sum
I have my data as follows :-

Col A                                           Col B            Col C

Date (mm/dd/yy)                          Item               Amount

05/Aug/2013                                  A1                 5.00
07/Aug/2013                                  A2                 6.00
11/Aug/2013                                  A1                 5.00
04/Sep/2013                                  A2                 6.00

In Col A the date is entered in mm/dd/yy format but displays it as dd/mmm/yyyy

Now I require a formula to give me the total amount for each month, without using a pivot table . For eg

August        :     16.00
September  :       6.00

Total                22.00

The count if formula works well to know the number of transactions per month :

=countif(arrayformula(IF(Sheet1!$a:$a="","",month(Sheet1!$A:$A))),"=8") - where '8' represents the AUGUST MONTH

kindly advice