Thursday, May 3, 2012

yogi_Conditional Multiplication And Addition Of Values In Specified Columns

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.       Google Spreadsheet    Post  #527    May 3, 2012

User tayK said:
IF on a simple calculate
Hi there!
I've an error that i can't solve right now, and i don't font any simple explainations on google doc help on it.
My cel it that next one :
=((31.36*IF(B5<12000, =(0.5*B5), =(6000+0,05*(B5-12000))))/4415.97)+((31.36*IF(B4<600, =(0.3*B4), =(180+0,1*(B4-600))))/507)+12.54
It gives me back a parse error.
I tried like this (as explain here :
"=((31.36*IF(B5<12000, =(0.5*B5), =(6000+0,05*(B5-12000))))/4415.97)+((31.36*IF(B4<600, =(0.3*B4), =(180+0,1*(B4-600))))/507)+12.54"
Same result.
Right here i'm stuck.
I'd like to known if it's possible to work.
Thanks for help and time.
Excuse my english.

Thanks for your respons.
1) I've tried to delete all the = keys, inside or/and outside. And it still don't work.
2) Here is a simple explication of what i want google doc to do. I've jumped up some calculations.
I have cell A and cell B with numbers.
In the cell C, i want to calculate the sum between theses two conditions :
- If A is less than 1200, multiplicate A by 0.5, else multiplicate A by 0.05 and add 6000.
- If B is less than 600, multiplicate B by 0.3, else multiplicate B by 0.1 and add 180.
There it is.
I hope this will help.

Since Fred is having difficulty using a formula in Google spreadsheet, I have posted the solution in this blog post to enable him to easily replicate this in his spreadheet ... I am going to keep my fingers crossed.